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MAROUS LAW Takes on an International Nigerian Petroleum Investment Scam Network.

In early May 2018, MAROUS LAW was retained by an investor to tackle an international commercial litigation matter seeking to recover the investor’s multi-six-figures investment in a Nigerian oil transaction. The New York-based company overseeing the oil transaction represented that it owned the rights to several million barrels of petroleum from the Nigerian government and that it had several committed buyers in the Netherlands ready to purchase the oil.

After conducting thorough research and investigation, MAROUS LAW identified and located various implicated parties and commenced a lawsuit against several individuals and commercial actors for breach of contract, fraud, deceit, unjust enrichment and other grounds. Some of the defendants including individuals holding high profile public offices in the United States and other national organizations. In addition, as a result of the Firm’s aggressive litigation approach, it was revealed that no less than ninety (90) individuals and corporate investors were similarly enticed to invest in the oil transaction and that more than $3.5 million could not be accounted for.

While the matter is still on-going, it is noteworthy that several of the defendants are seeking to settle the matter with the original plaintiff and that other potential plaintiffs have indicated an interest in joining the suit. This case could morph into a class action. To be continued.

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