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Service – Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a strategic tool in the MAROUS LAW toolbox that allows us to effectively serve our clients and protect their interest whenever necessary. While we aggressively pursue every case that we undertake, we do not litigate for the sake of litigation itself.

Any litigation comes only after careful analysis of all available options. Once other options have been explored and exhausted and as long as it would further the overall interest and end-goal of our client, we will not hesitate to seek court intervention to protect your rights.

Generally, commercial litigation involves virtually every type of dispute that can arise in the business context, including commercial transactions (e.g.; contract disputes, breach of contract), partnership/joint venture disputes, class actions, breach of fiduciary duty allegations, shareholder disputes, labor and employment issues, intellectual property disputes and more.

Our attorneys have decades of experience litigating in both state and federal courts. Even if your case has some international components, through our network of overseas attorneys (depending on the country), we can efficiently use local counsel while maintaining an eye on the progression of your matter. Whatever your case may be or whatever you may think it is worth, feel free to Contact us and request a consultation.