Service – Foreign Direct Investments

At MAROUS LAW, we regularly advise our international clients on investing in the United States. One of the most popular ways of doing so is through business acquisitions and mergers. Many of the transactions we handle for our clients involve local and international parties and components in a wide range of industries.

We take great care in guiding international business owners or investors make their “financial move” into the lucrative U.S. market. This process is generally referred to as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); a key economic indicator of the attractiveness and the strength of the U.S. economy. To that end, we offer the expertise of an international boutique firm while also providing an expertise of local laws and industry-specific solutions.

Buying or investing in a business in the United States needs exactly the same research as buying or investing in a business anywhere in the world, but there are differences. If you are looking to invest in an existing business opportunity in the U.S. then certain fundamental questions need to be asked and answered before you write your check or send your wire transfer.

Laws change constantly as to who is allowed to buy a business in the U.S. This initial research will save you an awful lot of heartache and unnecessary expenses.

Given the complexity of those transactions, they frequently require solutions across several areas of law. In order to manage all facets of the applicable laws during a transaction, at MAROUS LAW, we take a team-oriented approach whereby our in-house attorneys and our outside-counsels are in constant communication with one another, each providing his expertise in a specific field to ensure that all aspects of the transaction are covered. Our team is ready and able to help you. Contact us today.