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At MAROUS LAW, we provide a broad range of corporate and business services to small and mid-size companies and to aspiring entrepreneurs in the pursuit of their business objectives. MAROUS LAW serves as general counsel for many companies and not-for-profit organizations (including 501(c)3), representing them in all aspects of their corporate life. We oversee all phases of our client’s growth, from the initial creation through all stages of their evolution up to dissolution when necessary. We can also assist our corporate clients in raising initial capital for their start-up plan as well as for ongoing business development. Many of our clients are existing overseas businesses expanding their activities to the U.S. We also service American companies desiring to create or expand into overseas markets (e.g.; Europe, Latin American, Africa, etc.). Generally, as our client’s business grows, their need for our services evolves and we grow with them. Our goal is to help our clients create, manage and grow their business as far as their vision can take them. Let us help you. Contact us today.